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Aieeee! Only a week to go.



Thanks for all the nice messages I’ve had from folk who’d noticed I’d misplaced my Mojo. After an extended search, I am able to offer the following brief update as to its status:



Not a long run, but it felt good while it lasted. Perhaps not helping in the distance or endurance stakes, but not bad in the finding-my-feet stakes.

Rock on.

Went out today with a plan that said 20 miles, a route of about 30 miles and came back with 3.5 miles. That’s not a good score for the day, is it?

But which one is mine?

But which one is mine?

I felt OK, physically, in fact I was running some pretty good miles. No particular twinges, aches or pains. But something was wrong with the ol’ mind. I just wasn’t into it today – it’s been a long time since I felt like that.

I can only hope it’s a one off and will be better next time, but it was a bit off-putting and I have to admit I’m not especially pleased about it.

In other news, the long run, which was supposed to be my longest run ahead of the Glasgow to Edinburgh, is now planned for next weekend instead.

Fingers crossed.