Berghaus Trail Team 2014

Posted: 15/04/2014 in Uncategorized
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Ooh, there’s a big chunk of excitement in the air at Angrybees Manors. I’ve got a place on the Berghaus Trail Team 2014 try-out day at Helvellyn on 26 April. From this and the London day later on they’ll make the final choice for the 2014 team of die-hard striving athletes.


Looking back at the 2013 team, they all look very sporty indeed, and not the back-of-the-pack bunch that I would usually rub shoulder with. On that basis, it looks as though my “I run funny. You’ll laugh” approach to the application was probably playing to my killer strengths. Saying which, a year of training with support from Berghaus, Torq, LED Lenser not to mention the fine folk at Trail Running Magazine might just turn me into an uber-athlete. Something must.

Here’s hoping they have a slot open for “funny chubby chap” in the 2014 line-up, and that you get points for relentlessness, or maybe one for vegan-minimal-almost-walker. If you get marks for keeping going for silly distances despite being a bit wounded then I could be in with a chance. If anyone wants to write to them and extol the virtues of a fat-lad-made-good and how you’d use their stuff endlessly if they can show what a massive difference it makes to Mr Slowpoke then that can only be to the better.

Here’s hoping I fill a unique niche on the day and they love a tryer. As we say in the north east, “shy bairns get nowt”.

Maybe they’re looking for a surrealist blogger, that could be good too, perhaps I should play to my other strength… 🙂

Rock on – the trails look lovely.


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