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Yes, it’s been a while – nearly two months, in fact.

I must have been up to something, right, I mean I wouldn’t just disappear off, would I?

So, in no particular order, the things what I have done are:

  1. A 50 day run streak – this was mint, though difficult to fit around life. Every day, at least a mile, finishing up at the end of July. I think it made a difference in my general fitness, though I’m not sure you’d notice in my times. I saw more wildlife in the woods than you could shake a stick at (I tried, my arm got tired quite quickly) and re-affirmed my belief that you can only get so wet before rain becomes a bit of an academic point.
  2. Swimming – I’ve never been able to swim more than a casual “non-drowning” amount, and even that was debatable. See those dogs you get in rivers that look like they’re regretting jumping in the deep bit? That was me. So I’ve had a lesson or two and can now comfortably call myself “a swimmer”. Not much in the endurance stakes, which is what I need to build up next, but my fabulous swimming teacher pronounced my form to be “very good”, even if my ability to complete a length without attempting to drink half the pool and filter the rest through my ears was pronounced “piss poor”. I now enjoy swimming, who’d have thought? Much like the story of my rise to running mediocrity then…
  3. Cycling – well, not much of this, though I did cycle to work once on my aged mountain bike and am now the proud possessor of a road bike. I’ve been out on it once so far and have discovered they’re not the same muscles as for the running, and I’m even more rubbish at getting up a hill on a bike than I am on me pins. This will change if I ever find the time to cycle more. The plan is to commute one day a week, which will pretty much pay for the bike on cycle-to-work in petrol saved. In theory. Clip-in pedals mildly terrify me, but I’ve managed that terror so far.
  4. Holiday! I went to Corsica and bummed around camping on the beach with Mrs Bees for a week. It was lovely. A fair amount of open-water swimming took place, something I would have never attempted before item 2. on the list. I even own my own goggles and a nose clip so I don’t snort the ocean (which is considered bad form when visiting other people’s countries).

So what next? Well, Sunday is the ‘Pieces of Eight’ half marathon at Penshaw monument, run by the Trail Outlaws. It’s their first event and I’m pretty excited, their podcast is groovy and if you haven’t checked it out you certainly should.

The Jedburgh Ultra is coming at the end of October, a small amount of training may be in order.

I went to see the film of the 2012 Dragon’s Back race across the spine of Wales last night – it was fantastic and made me wonder… I’m rubbish at mountains, so it seems like a really bad plan, but then most of my running is technically beyond my abilities… favourite quote of the film was from Helene Whittaker – “you don’t enter a race because you know you can complete it, you do it for the challenge, to see how far you can go”, now that’s my kind of crazy thinking. 🙂

Rock on, and a race review after Sunday.