What difference a few years make…

Posted: 01/09/2014 in Running, Uncategorized
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Four years ago, in mid 2010 and before they invented colour computer screens, I took a photo of myself as part of a 365 Photo Project (for the record I titled it “I come in peace… to eat your pies”). It probably coincided with my weightiest period, around 17 stone, and was a year and a bit before I was to discover that I owned a pair of feet and some running shoes. Yesterday Mrs Bees took another photo of me after the Penshaw Pieces of 8 Half Marathon, and I proclaim myself “pleased” with the resulting time spent running around like a loon…



As you can see, my choice in backgrounds has significantly improved. I’ve also lost a chin along the way. For some inexplicable reason my eyebrows now look straighter…

Apologies if this comes across a bit gloat-y and self indulgent, but I figure I’m allowed a bit of that every now and then.

I think my head may have gotten bigger.


  1. John says:

    It comes across as neither gloat-y nor self-indulgent. Well done Dave, it’s a massive difference.
    Any other benefits? Do you *feel* better in yourself too?

    • Yup – certainly feel a lot better – going up stairs is less of a challenge than it used to be as is running mrs than five steps. Going vegan has made a big difference too, vegetarian was good and has done me well for twenty years plus, but there’s definitely a whole extra gain to be had in running-ease as well as the animal cruelty aspect. Highly recommend ditching the dairy. Nowt that’s been cut off or squeezed out of something with a face.

  2. LOL. You’re half the man you used to be! Well done.

  3. You also look happier 🙂 Well done, it’s not gloaty at all. You should be very proud of yourself – you have achieved so much!

  4. Keith says:

    Well done you. And well done on your updated choice of backgrounds.

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