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…Here comes 2015.

The last year has been a bit lacklustre, to be honest – I haven’t run that far, I haven’t run that fast, and bar a few stonkingly fantastic ultras I haven’t done anything that outlandishly different.

I guess the main thing is that I don’t feel like I really stretched myself over the last year, pretty much as I wrote at the end of October in my ‘running-year’ report. Last year was the year of consolidating the two years since I started running at the end of 2011.

Long story short, I’m aiming to be a better runner in 2015, a bit more committed to putting my shoes on regularly, a bit more thoughtful in how often I shovel chips down my neck at the canteen at work and perhaps to push myself a little more when I’ve actually got my shoes on.

On a less introspective, gloomy front, I have been running around the woods a bit more – I really like the woods, and while I haven’t seen the deer for a while, there are a remarkable number of plump grey squirrels bouncing about the place like furry bouncy-balls of nut-hunting mania. What I’d never realised was that they don’t just run up any tree, each squirrel has it’s own tree, and they’ll scurry off to get back to it.


More than once I’ve ended up accidentally chasing a squirrel down the path as it heads back to it’s tree, slowing down so I don’t scare the life out of the poor thing. So far everyone’s got away safely.


Back to Day Zero!

Seriously, I felt so unfit plodding around this morning – I have no idea why (other than lack of fitness, which is my current guess). It was the bit where I run up a long, medium incline of about a mile and 300 feet in total, and found myself stopping for a sneaky walk three times. I’m not even sure why; a body-sub-section analysis led to the discovery that my legs weren’t that stiff, my lungs weren’t especially burning and my arms weren’t entirely knackered. My brain just decided I was done in and a bit of a walk was the best option thank you.

Ok, so statistics-wise I may have put on a half stone over the last few months, and that may need some shifting – when I did the Parkrun last week I could feel the flesh on my back moving, something that I’ve not encountered since the first few months I ran, and considerably heavier than I am, even with the extra half added in.

I haven’t been running a lot the last couple of months in truth, not since the Jedburgh Ultra which left me customarily tired. Maybe the odd Parkrun and one of two jaunts to the woods, but nothing that feels like training, and as 2015 is supposed to be the year of striving, that feels like a pretty poor start.

What this needs is a spot of commitment, I reckon, in order to get me back on the track – my plan is simple, and it’s this:

Each week I will run at least twice. Each run will be at least three miles in length.

There you go, that wasn’t so difficult was it? Well maybe not, but look at the blank weeks stretching back where even once-out-of-the-door has been too much of a slog.