Ill-advised vegan ultra-snack-food challenge no.2: Sushi (cucumber maki)

Posted: 30/06/2015 in Uncategorized

So you probably thought I’d given up when I reached ‘b’ for ‘biscuits’ in the search for things to eat while running unfeasibly long distances and trying not to have unbelievably bad stomachs, puking or well, let’s not go any further gentle reader, eh?..

But no, in the interest of being of service to every other half-arsed vegan ultra-runner who could never get a plan together either, I’ve been out again.

This time I went a bit more refined, a bit more cultured. I went for the exotic far eastern food-belt-delivered heaven that is sushi. As a vegan, I stay away from the fishy variety, the meaty variety, the eggy variety and any of the others than have mayonnaise.  Fair play when you’re making it yourself (and I can, after a fashion – though my sushi rolls tend to look more like a big green carrots, rather than the perfect cylindrical masterpieces you see on the conveyor), but a problem in most sushi places.

We sometimes go to Yo! Sushi (or is it Yo Sushi! – the grammar is too confusing) and I tend to have cucumber maki. If you’re not familiar with the types of sushi (hi mum!) then this is the fella we’re talking about:


What you’re looking at there is this; a thin strip of cucumber in there middle (with a few daring sesame seeds, why not), surrounded by lovely sticky sushi rice, all encased in a fabulous carry-all tube of sushi nori, which is seaweed if you want to get technical about it. [Which reminds me of a joke, why did the octopus come on to shore? Because the sea weed. Thank you very much, I’m here all night.]

I know you’re all crazy statistic-fans, so here’s the run down on the numbers:

  • Calories: 93 kCal per serving (six of the tiny morsels of fun)
  • Fat: <0.5g
  • Saturates: <0.1g
  • Sugar: 3.3g
  • Salt: 0.67g

I have no idea if they’re good or bad numbers – Yo! Sushi label them all as “low” apart from the salt which is “medium”. From a running perspective I’m thinking they’re about as good as a gel maybe?

They’re easy to transport, as the seaweed holds them together pretty well, a quick dash of soy sauce and they’re ready to go. I’m not sure they’d hold up to repeated jolting around in a bag, it worked OK tonight, but I only went a few miles…

They’re tasty – honesty, I ran six miles, ate them then ran back. They’re nice at the best of times, but not exactly the strongest of taste. However, after six miles they’re bloody lovely – just about perfect on the “restart the taste-buds, Captain” front. The little salty hit from the soy sauce is nice too.

They go down well, they stay down well. Both of which are pretty vital. There were no particular or peculiar side effects.

In short, I plan to use ’em! I reckon they’re more of a drop-bag snack, something to whip out and eat when you take a minute. I don’t plan to have wasabi with them (it’s like ultra-hot horseradish) as I think this would tempt fate a little much. Pickled ginger I’m not so sure about, it is an adaptogen after all, and that might be handy, eh?

I’m also secretly hoping to start a trend to more refined dining at drop stations – you never know, it may catch on and one day you might see a swan carved out of ice, on a dining table, surrounded with high-backed chairs and a silver-service. You never know.

  1. Born to Plod says:

    I’m right with you on that one. Aid stations these days tend to have, at best, a mediocre wine list and barely any locally sourced foie gras at all.

    Unless I get a cigar at mile 97, I’m not doing an ultra.

    • Wine list! Darn right! And napkins folded like animals, obvs…

      Still got the Marathon du Medoc on my list of stupid things to do – a marathon through the vineyards of Bordeaux. Each aid station (vineyard) has both water and wine tasting. What could go wrong? If that isn’t enough, the goodie bag includes another bottle of wine, just in case you can remember who you are.

      • Born to Plod says:

        I’ve been looking at the bacchus marathon (or half) for that very reason

      • Mmm, boozy! – I was also thinking of starting off closer to home with the Real Ale Ramble (the people who organise the World Bog Snorkelling Championships) in actual Wales. Had a place in it last year, but other things came up…

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