Ill-advised vegan ultra-snack-food challenge no.3: Irn Bru!

Posted: 05/07/2015 in Food, Ill advised vegan snack-food tryouts, Laughingly Called Training, Vegan

No, honestly, Irn Bru – I think all the ultra-running north of the border has rubbed off.


It’s vegan too, which is pretty cool, or I wouldn’t be drinking it, would I?

Knowing what stat-monkeys you are, here’s the low-down on the numbers…

Per 100ml

  • Calories: 42kcal
  • Fat: NONE!
  • Carbohydrate: 10.3g
  • of which sugars: ALL OF IT!
  • Protein: NONE!
  • Salt: <0.01g

I reckon I used about 400ml of the 500ml bottle (which is two servings, apparently), after shaking it well to get as much gas out as possible, and topped it up with water. It was still, well, a little frisky as I started running, and the bite valve of the water bottle started farting (I can think of no better way to describe it) every now and then as the last bit of gas built up and escaped.

It was quite tasty diluted, a bit like cream soda, if you know what I mean, and seemed to sit fairly well in my stomach. A lovely happy orange colour, which I reckon will come in pretty handy when I’m 60+ miles into next weekend’s run. If I have a bottle at the start and at each drop-point, that’s say 1200ml which will be 504 calories and 123.6g of sugar. Is that good? Every calorie is a good thing, not so sure about the sugar but hey. Teamed up with sushi and biscuits, how can it be anything other than a kick-ass nutrition plan?

I have a sneaky plan to see if I can jam an apple in my pocket, and figure out if that works or not – I’m a bit worried about it, but if I can add that to my existing fruit-running-family that consists entirely of “banana”, then I’d be doubling up on the options. Also, bananas don’t like being shoved in a pack and jounced, they’re much more demure than that, whereas apples are hardy derring-do fruits, and like a ride in a microscopic backpack.

Rock on!



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