Into the mist…

Posted: 14/08/2015 in Running, Tree hugging, What's in the woods?


Look, you know I’m not a great artist, right, I plug along as I go, mostly just amusing myself. On that basis, what the woods looked like wasn’t at all like the picture above.

But it was kind of like that.

It was raining a little, which is fine, and it was warm, which is also nice.

As I tramped around the woods, feeling like a speedy goblin, I came across a stand of trees where the steam had started to rise from the damp wood and foliage. The nearest trees were wet and dark, as they went further back the mist played amongst the trunks and the trees slowly faded away.

It was beautiful, and another one of those moments when I wished I’d had a camera with me. But I didn’t have a camera, though luckily I’d brought along my eyes and brain.

That would have been fine if I hadn’t then started to think about Lino printing and how I could make a frame to print multiple colours on one print.

You see how your mind started wandering when reading that last bit? Well, that’s what happened to me, so I figured I’d best get a quick sketch down in my notebook before it evaporated entirely.

Some runs pay you back with more than just a nice run… some runs smack you in the face with beautiful sights.

Rock on.


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