A river runs through it…

Posted: 05/01/2016 in Uncategorized

…and over it, and past it, and occasionally all around it.

So I’m trying to do some kind of exercise every day in January. If it had a swanky name, I guess it would be Activanuary. Don’t think anyone else has taken that one yet. 

The options are to run a bit, to cycle a bit, to swim a bit, or if all else fails to hop on the ‘ol exercise bike in the dining room. So far (at the end of day five), I’ve not cycled (too rainy), I’ve not swam (need a haircut or a swimming hat) but I have cycled the length of the dining room (which turns out to be around 22km, so that’s a canny size table) and I’ve run three times.

It’s been a challenging January to run – wet doesn’t even cover it. The woods tonight were particularly good – rivers had popped up all over, over the road, by the road, some of the paths had turned into streams themselves, and I got to have a turn at small-time river running. I clocked up an amazingly slow time as I kept stopping to watch the water burbling around the place in the torchlight.

If the rain doesn’t stop soon it may all go a bit mangrove.


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