I done a t-shirt

Posted: 27/02/2016 in Uncategorized

Well, I did the picture bit on the front. It’s the t-shirt for the upcoming Trail Outlaws Dark Skies Marathon (and a bit) around Kielder Reservoir.

The t-shirt looks like this:


Groovy, eh? The design was a collaborative effort between Trail Outlaws and the good folk of their Facebook page, including me. I sent in a pic, and they thought that was good enough to put on the front, so with a slight change to the constellation (I’m a big fan of Orion, personally), a tweak to a more human-looking runner (I’m not so good at people) and the addition of the iconic plug-hole building from Kielder (I like drawing buildings, they’re not people, but I’m bad at knowing what they’re called, just like with people) and floomp*, the job was done. The Outlaws logo of course, and the Francis Bacon quote, “In order for the light to shine so brightly, darkness must be present” is excellent, the “You’re following a Trail Outlaw” message is exactly the sort of thing to sport at your local Parkrun, and with the race sponsor’s logo and we’re away!

The actual pic, if you haven’t got micro-scoop-eyes looks like this:


So all the messing about with pens and pencils hasn’t been entirely a waste of time.

But what’s better, is that I’m actually running the Dark Skies Marathon (and a bit) as well, so I’ll get to wear a shirt with me own picture on it – how cool is that? You can tell I’m a bit excited, perhaps?

But it gets even better than that, no it does – you can be part of it too! You can sponsor me to run a marathon (and a bit) with a shirt with a picture that I drew on it. I know, talk about adding value.

I’m raising money for the Dr Hadwen Trust, an organisation that finds ways to carry out medical testing that doesn’t involve testing on animals. Even if you love bacon and meatballs, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t think that’s a good thing to aim for? Anyway, I’ve set up a JustGiving page at the link below, and if you want to donate a pound, ten or five hundred, then I’d be massively grateful, as will all the mice, beagles, horses, porcupines, unicorns, squids, bears, narwhals, beetles, polar bears, kittens and puppies that are not getting their parts cut up because someone figured out a more humane way to tell whether paracetamol is any good for receding hair.

The link to JustGiving

It’s perfectly OK to click on it (hi mum!) there’s even a photo of me looking too colourful for my own good so you can tell it’s my page.

Did I mention I was on the telly? I was on the telly. Not for this, for something else, I’ll come back to that when I figure if I can upload video…

*Nothing wrong with floomp, perfectly good word that, good northern term.









  1. OmniRunner says:

    Very cool design and congrats on getting it featured on the race shirt.
    I’m running the Boston Marathon on April 18th and raising money for a local non-profit. I think fundraising is more difficult than training. How is your fundraising going?
    I need to raise US$5K!

    • Thanks! Well done on getting a place at Boston – on my “one day” list. Yup, fundraising is not easy – I guess I find it easier to run than ask for a donation. Good luck with the fundraising, that’s quite a target!

  2. Lady Dickson says:

    I love that picture. Well done!

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