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I done a triathlon

Posted: 17/04/2016 in Uncategorized

Seriously, I did. Swim, cycle, run with the transitionary bits in between. 

And it was fab. 

Difficult though, getting out of that lovely warm, pool and plodding into the cool morning air, it was chilly. Onto the bike and my chest felt like it was burning, which I think means it was really, really cold. Up the mega hill at the end and my lungs were aiming to jettison in an escape pod, only to discover my body doesn’t come with escape pods.

Off the bike and tried to run into transition, but the old thighs weren’t having any of it, so I walked instead. Change into my running shoes and off I went – three laps with a hill at the start that left me gasping.

Finally into the end and I missed it already, it was a great experience. Castle Tri did a fab job of organising and marshalling and made my first triathlon a song. I came in 24th, in 45:58, which feels like a canny time.

I was hoping to get into Weardale Tri, but it’s full – if I can get some swim and open water training arranged then I might just have a go t the Spanish City Tri in August…

I’m only a bloomin’ triathlete now – on to the Kintyre Ultra next. 


Tri-suit terror

Posted: 03/04/2016 in Uncategorized

With two weeks to go until my first triathlon, I bit the bullet and bought a tri suit. I’d toyed with the idea of going with shorts for swimming and a top for cycling/running, but tri shorts cost the same as a suit, and would involve less struggling at the change over (that’d be ‘transition’ in tri lingo).

I got the one that’s the best fit for most of me and while I’m not about to put up a picture, I can give you a mental image you’ll struggle to forget. 

Imagine you took a sausage skin (a vegan one, of course), and pushed (soya) sauasage mix into it. Eventually, you get to the point where it’s chock-a-block with filling. So, keep going, and it will start to bulge in places where the amount of filling is more than the fabric of the outside can control. Paint it blue (it’s a blue tri suit), stick some unruly hair on the top and it looks not unlike me in my tri-suit. 

I think I need to cut the calories a little…