Bicycle commuting, dreich and why waterproof shorts will change your life

Posted: 26/05/2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve commuted into work once or twice over the last few weeks, it feels like exercise, it gets me out and about and let’s be honest, it means I arrive at work slightly more alert than if I’ve had an hour of sitting in traffic jams.

I live 17 miles from work, so it’s a bit of a commitment – I’ve not cycled that kind of distance for ages, well, ever, so it is a bit tiring, and it also means I try to choose nice days when I can enjoy the journey.

Except today.

The weather forecast said “fog”, but I know now that this was a lie. The actual weather looked like this:

A bit dreich as you’d say if you were north of the border. I like Scotland, so dreich it is when the weather is pants. So much so that I had to keep the peak of my hat down so I could still see through my specs.

Anyway, that’s just setting the scene; I made a discovery.

I don’t like wearing waterproof trousers when I’m running, they feel a bit weird. So I got a pair of OMM Kamleika waterproof shorts a while ago, to stick in a bag and whip out to put over shorts / tights / whatever if the weather turns dreich when I’m out.

They look like this:

Only with chunkier legs sticking out of them…

I bunged them on this morning and I have to say, they kept my nethers well and dry despite the rain, mist, fog, spray, and all the wet the world could throw at me.

And you know what? They’re tiny, they weigh nothing, I’m going to keep them in my bag all the time, they’re perfect for taking care of unexpected downpours and such. Highly recommended for cycling as well as running.


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