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One month, 1,000km

Posted: 30/07/2016 in Uncategorized

I just had a look at my Strava distance challenge for July and got a nice surprise.

In total, 1,008km for the month, which is four weeks and one day of work-days. Not quite the 1,000km in 4 weeks that I’m aiming for, but pretty close given I missed a few days in there for one thing and another.



Bicycle Tan Salon

Posted: 09/07/2016 in Uncategorized

This was not in the instruction book that came with my bike.

Who am I kidding? I didn’t get an instruction book with my bike, but it wasn’t in the hastily constructed back-of-a-fag-packet rough notes I made up in my brain, either.

As you might have noticed*, I’ve been riding my bike a bit. I’ve been commuting to work and back, which is many things. Specifically, it is:

  • A long way (to me) – 17 miles each way, or thereabouts.
  • Hilly. Nice on the way out (downhill), tricky on the way back. The four miles around the hill I live at the top of is, well, hill. I tell myself it’s training, and it is, but what it really amounts to is ooooorghhhh as I slog my way back home.
  • Weathery. That’s a word, right? If I start off and it’s raining, then it might be sunny after a few miles. If it’s sunny then it might start to drizzle. Sometimes it stays exactly the same, just to fox me.
  • Windy. Good lord, but it’s windy. How can it always be a headwind when I cycle home? That’s just odd.

Which is all fab – it really is. I cycled a full week last week, the first full week I’ve managed. It was just shy of 180 miles, 5,900 ft of ascent (told you it was hilly) and took up 12 hours and 43 minutes of my time. Though that’s not strictly true, it took up about ten hours of time I would otherwise have spent in the car, and of the other 2 hours 43, about an hour was a trip to the dentist on Friday, so I’ve actually only spent around 1 hour 43 minutes of my time to get out on my bike for 12 hours and 43 minutes. That seems like a good deal, eh?

Being out in the world all that time means you get exposed to a bit of sun, which is lovely, and it turns out that it builds up your tan. In specific areas. If you wear similar gear all the time, in very specific areas. And so you look like this…

Which is fine, but it’s going to look odd when I go on holiday. This kind of weirdness doesn’t happen in running – I have no idea why – I guess I don’t wear gloves and a hat when I’m running, so that takes care of two parts. Running shorts are shorter, and there’s less strict rules over tops – long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve, vest, heck – no top! 

As I’m enjoying the commuting, and as it bites so little out of my day, I can’t see it changing any time soon, so I’d better get used to it, and hope no-one worries about the patchwork-tan-man when I make it to a beach. 

Rock on.

*If you’ve read any blog posts recently – I realise this may becoming a bit of a cycling blog instead of the running, but then you hadn’t tuned in to this for my technical critique of running form, had you?

I don’t want to get all trumpet-blowy about it, but I’m really quite enjoying the commuting to work by bike. It’s 17 miles (26 km) each way, which often feels like quite a distance. Especially coming home; the last four miles is uphill and a properly good workout* at the end of the day.

When the wind is low it’s fabulous, when the wind is high (and invariably in my face) it’s a struggle to keep going forward. When it’s dry, or better yet, sunny, it’s warmingly lovely. When it’s raining it’s head down and keep plugging away.

I’m aiming for a full week this week for the first time – three days down so far and two to go. I have to go to the dentist on Friday, but I’m going to cycle there from work and back – it’s only a few miles and nice and flat, so it might just work.

It’s possible I’m getting fitter – it’s hard to tell – I need a new battery for the bathroom scales to see if I’ve shed a pound or two, though I suspect not.

I reckon I’m getting the hang of traffic and gears and that. I’ve sorted carrying stuff to work pretty much and I’m even getting better at packing / unpacking and making the transition from bike to office more efficient. A nice frame bag would give more options, but maybe I’m just getting greedy to pick up more tasty Apidura bags.

I fancy the idea of a #microadventure some time, but I reckon there’s a bit of planning before that might come off.

Anyway, bikes are cool, you heard it here first; I’m more alert when I get into the office. I thought it was making me tired around 2pm until I had a couple of days in the car and realised I just get tired around 2pm.

Keep turning the cranks!

*By which I mean knackering slog.

It used to be the case that I ran or swam at the weekend, maybe occasionally cycled. During the week, I was lucky to scrape a half hour plod around the woods. 

A few weeks ago I started commuting in to work. One day at first, then a couple of days. 

Then, I had one week where I did four days – FOUR DAYS! 

Now I’ve done a few four day weeks, and precious little running at the weekend.

I think I may have unknowingly turned into a regular bicycle commuter, and I’m quite liking it. 

I need some jazzier tops, though, I have one club top (the mighty, mighty Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club) and a couple of plain tops. Ideally a nice tie-dye jersey, I reckon, or maybe something gin related, I don’t know. At this rate, I’m going to end up making my own…