The Universe is my cycle path…

Posted: 06/07/2016 in Uncategorized, What's with the cycling?

I don’t want to get all trumpet-blowy about it, but I’m really quite enjoying the commuting to work by bike. It’s 17 miles (26 km) each way, which often feels like quite a distance. Especially coming home; the last four miles is uphill and a properly good workout* at the end of the day.

When the wind is low it’s fabulous, when the wind is high (and invariably in my face) it’s a struggle to keep going forward. When it’s dry, or better yet, sunny, it’s warmingly lovely. When it’s raining it’s head down and keep plugging away.

I’m aiming for a full week this week for the first time – three days down so far and two to go. I have to go to the dentist on Friday, but I’m going to cycle there from work and back – it’s only a few miles and nice and flat, so it might just work.

It’s possible I’m getting fitter – it’s hard to tell – I need a new battery for the bathroom scales to see if I’ve shed a pound or two, though I suspect not.

I reckon I’m getting the hang of traffic and gears and that. I’ve sorted carrying stuff to work pretty much and I’m even getting better at packing / unpacking and making the transition from bike to office more efficient. A nice frame bag would give more options, but maybe I’m just getting greedy to pick up more tasty Apidura bags.

I fancy the idea of a #microadventure some time, but I reckon there’s a bit of planning before that might come off.

Anyway, bikes are cool, you heard it here first; I’m more alert when I get into the office. I thought it was making me tired around 2pm until I had a couple of days in the car and realised I just get tired around 2pm.

Keep turning the cranks!

*By which I mean knackering slog.


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