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I know, I’ve gone a bit AWOL on the running. I’m sure it’ll come back – it’d better, I’m running with Trail Outlaws in a couple of weeks, so I should probably head out before then to make sure the feet haven’t lost the knack (not that I’d call it a ‘knack’, mind you, more something I have fallen into, like you might a well or pond.

Anyhow, it was my birthday at the end of the week, and it was pretty bicycle-flavoured. I’d ordered myself a long-sleeve jersey (more later), and was given a bicycling t-shirt and book (both funny) as well. I also cycled in to work, which has become a habit now. As in, I don’t really think about it any more, I get my kit on and get on the bike. I’ve figured out how to get a shirt in each day, and I’ve figured out how to bulk-carry pants, socks and towels. I dare say the weather has helped – I’ve only been drenched twice in two and a bit months, and I reckon a teeming morning might have me re-thinking things. As I sit here, sloe gin and ginger ale in hand, in the weather-proof living room I’m saying I’ll still go for it. I think I should take bets on that though, at 6am I might have different thoughts…

Yes, the new jersey. I have a club jersey (the Mighty Mighty Vegetarian Cycling & Athlectic Club) and a couple of cheap tops, so I figured I should get something a bit swanky. That coincided with me discovering Stolen Goat, a bike gear manufacturer who’d just brought out a limited edition jersey, which had tattoo designs on it. Come on, even if you don’t know me very well you must be able to hear my brain chugging along processing that idea. And so I pressed the buttons and ordered one. And it came. And I waited until my birthday to have a go with it. And it was ace.

See what I mean? Lift selfie, eh? Never tried a #whatyourocking picture before as mostly it’s a slightly crumpled shirt, boring pants and a confused look. Not that this is a much more accomplished look…

Compared to the other tops I’ve got, it’s softer, thinner, better in the breeze and just makes you feel like a proper cyclist. So much so that I ordered another one of their jerseys, which has waterproofing built in – that should be good as the Autumn heads towards us.

More detail on the design, and less worrying knees. Definitely recommend the jersey – they’re only making 100 of them, apparently, so you’d need to get your skates on!

Rock on.