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I’m a runner.

Proud to be a runner. 

Glad to be a cheery runner, who says “hello” and “morning” to other runners, walkers, cyclists and the world in general.

I’ve probably moaned once or twice where I’ve “morning”ed a cyclist and they’ve not responded. Miserable buggers.

Now I’m commuting by bike I do the same, “hello” or “afternoon” to all and sundry. Other cyclists are pretty good, a nod of the head from the other side of the road is international cycle-sign for “get us, what are we like”.

Except the runners. Runners don’t respond to me on a bike.

They do when I’m running but not when I’m cycling, and vis-versa with the runners.

It’s like Romeo and Juliet, two clans that will never meet.

Except I’ll keep saying hello to both of you.