Capsule Review : Jersey Pocket Nutrition / fridge bars

Posted: 23/01/2017 in Uncategorized

What’s a one of those? Well, it’s a one of these:

I think I heard about Jersey Pocket on Twitter – though it might have been Instagram, who knows?

Anyway, a check of their site and products and I discovered that while most of their products are vegan from the get-go, the fridge bars currently use honey but you can ask for a vegan version that uses agave. One advantage of their handy make-to-order model. 

I think they’re changing over to all-vegan soon, but for now you can write a note on your order, I found them to be really helpful and friendly.

So, to the bars! The fridge bars come in three flavours; chocolate, sweet and savoury. You keep them in the fridge and mine had about a three month best before date on that assumption. 

Consistency is pleasingly between cake and biscuit – like a high-class flapjack? Not squishy and not dry, so good for on the go when you don’t want to get sticky hands but also don’t want to drink a gallon of water to get something down.

The chocolate one had a nice smoky chocolate taste, the savoury one had what I can only describe as a savoury/caramel type flavour that was much better than it maybe sounds and the sweet one had a subtle hint of nut about it. Each was maybe the size of a chunky Kit Kat and pretty much did the job of stopping me feel like I wanted to eat. They range between 240-300 calories, depending on which you go for.

I liked them enough that I’ve now got a full selection box sitting on the fridge of the whole range of products, and I’m going to work my way through those and report back. They work out cheaper than breakfast from the canteen at work and taste better than any other bars I’ve found. From a racing perspective, I stopped using gels a couple of years ago when I realised they were what was making me feel ill in long runs. Since then I’ve fuelled all my longer runs with sushi, but these offer a bit of variety to add into the mix – I’ll have to try them on a longer run to see how they fare with the dreaded digestion. Luckily the Dark Skies night marathon at Kielder with the Trail Outlaws is just around the corner…


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