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Link to the Indian Pacific Wheel Race here
I’ve been watching this ultra-bike race across Australia since it kicked off at the end of last week. It’s an astounding thing, with distances that boggle my mind even after tracking the Transcontinental as it wound across Europe last year.
In the back of my mind I keep coming back to thinking about a coast to coast ride, from Whitehaven to Tynemouth, which is around 100 miles. Is it possible (for me) to just start off and ride it, without breaking for a snooze? Mind, my Strava profile reveals the truth – longest bike ride to date is 20 miles.

Watching the Indian Pacific Wheel Race and the distances covered there day after day I feel a bit of an idiot – clearly I’m not in the same league as Kristoff Allegaert, Mike Hall, Sarah Hammond and the other racers, but it makes 100 miles (say 160km) in one go seem fairly ‘normal’.

Muse… muse… muse… 

I’d love to ride the Transcontinental too, that’s something to aim for.


Dark Skies approaching!

Posted: 20/03/2017 in Uncategorized

Yup, that’ll be a night time Marathon around Kielder Reservoir dark skies park on Saturday. Such a lovely run if we can avoid last year’s atrocious storm.

I reckon I could have trained more, but I’ve been busy cycling back and forth to work, so I’m trusting to the power of cross training.

I managed a comfortable 10 miles a week ago and all went well, so I could even be right.


I did a wee map of the site, fingers crossed people can tell where to go before, during and after the run.

Right, the last thing I should do is eat badly and drink anything, right? No chance of that then…

Fingers crossed.