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If you send stickers, I will send money. I think that’s pretty true about me, as I discovered when I opened the bag from Restrap and went “oooh! stickers!”. Better than Haribo (I can’t eat them, they’re not vegan) and fundamentally cool, I reckon these are going on the laptop lid.

Anyhow, the fabulousness of stickers to one side, what about the bag?

Since I started looking for a pannier-less commuting solution to avoiding backpacks and discovered the world of bikepacking, I’ve been using the same set of Apidura’s bomb-proof bags on my bike. Come rain, come shine, come gales, come hail, they’ve done canny. The only problem was that I got a new bike in January, a lovely Marin cyclocross bike. The Apidura top-tube bag has quite a high strap to go around the headset, and is tricky to fit around the lower stem of the Gestalt. So I’ve been looking for an alternative, but wanted to find something that would be right, the Apidura bag fits alright, so I wasn’t going to plump for anything in a hurry.

Cut to Restrap – I’ve liked the look of their bags, and after checking that the label isn’t real leather (it’s synthetic – they were happy to confirm) I realised that the strap around the headset is in two parts, and can be mounted at whatever height suits for your bike.

The bag itself looks class – the label tells you who made it, thanks Marco!, and how to fit it. It’s very black inside, which could be fun to find smaller things, but has two mesh pockets running the length inside that helps organise bits. I’ve mounted it on the bike, transferred all my toolkit gubbins, and now just need to ride the thing to from a view.