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Long time comin’…

Posted: 05/11/2017 in Uncategorized

April! April? Wow, has it really been that long? I guess so.

This point in the year is usually my “Year In Running” post, so here we go – it’s now been six years since I laced up a pair of shoes and panted and flopped my way around the first run-30-seconds-walk-four-and-a-half-minute sessions.

I haven’t been running much – most of the runs this year have been events, and there hasn’t been enough training, which led to me pulling out of the Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra last weekend. Major disappointment, it’s usually the high point end of the year.

I’ve been cycling.


I’ve been cycling to work a fair bit, maybe three times a week on average, I’d guess. It’s not exciting, it’s not seat-of-the-pants-back-of-beyond type of thing that you’d want to hear about. There was some trauma over punctures, but I got over it, and there’s often lots of swearing at bad driving. I bought a GoPro and stuck it on my helmet and now I find I don’t get close-passed as badly or as often as before.

There have been a couple of fun bits – in July I decided that my longest journey of circa 20 miles was a bit rubbish, so I cycled to Durham and back. That was about 50 miles and feels much nicer, thank you. I know it’s nothing compared to lots of other distances, but it’s OK to be going on with for now.

On the August Bank Holiday I tried cyclo-cross. Urban cycle-cross to be precise. Up and down the Ouseburn Valley in Newcastle. It was amazing, very much like fell-running for cyclists if you’re looking for a comparison. Definitely want to do this again next year, and would have had a go at the regular cyclo-cross league if it didn’t happen every weekend, I just don’t have the time to give it a proper go.

I did another GoTri event with Castle Trials at Prudhoe. Transition is the maddest thing and I really enjoy the different disciplines. I would be up for a longer one if I could get my swimming under control – maybe that’s an aim for next year?


Most of the running events have been courtesy of Trail Outlaws – it’s been great seeing them grow over the years – I remember the first Penshaw Pieces of Eight half marathon and the folk I met then and still see about at events now. I’ve already booked on the Kielder Dark Skies marathon next year – it’s become one of the fixed fixtures in the year along with the Blaydon Race and (until this year) the Jedburgh Ultra.

Still definitely trail rather than pavement.