In my ridiculous path in the world of running, I’ve tried out a thing or two, and I’m sharing all that hard-won knowings with you here. Be prepared to be confronted with my actual opinion of real things (mostly)…

Inov-8 Race Elite 260 Thermoshell

A lightweight insulated top – good for running in the bitter cold, or at rests in less freezing conditions.

Asics Fuji Long Sleeve Half Zip Wind Shirt

My first wind shirt – these are a great idea, it’s not thick, you don’t overheat, but you don’t freeze when you get a breeze either. Nuff said.

Road ID

In case you collapse, get whupped by a vehicle, or plain forget where you live because you ran for too long. This’ll do the trick.

Paramo Velez Smock

Big, thick, waterproof and made of fabric that’s cleverer than me (not saying a lot there, mind) .

Vivobarefoot Neo Shoes

Tiny, teeny shoes, it’s like being back in plimsoles if plimsoles had been given a makeover by the scientists from The Six Million Dollar Man

Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail barefoot shoes

I live in these. Well, not in an old-woman-who-lived-in-a-shoe way, but the various pair I own are either in use for running or relegated to wearing-about-town status. If I’m not in my work shoes, I’m in these.


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